Tripod Turnstile

Reliability, Safety and Integration

  • Alloy steel tripod hub and SUS304 stainless steel case work & tripod arms ensure long-long-lasting durability
  • Power conservation. Electro-magnetic locks remain in “standby mode” until turnstile is activated
  • Patented oil lubrication system reduces need for maintenance
  • High quality electrical components
  • Tripod-arms unlock & drop during emergencies / power loss
  • All smooth finish. No exposed screws or fasteners
  • Visual indicator for access granted (or denied)
  • Ergonomic design makes card and fingerprint authentication fast & simple for users
  • Secure. Supports Anti-tailgating
  • TS2100 series ships already integrated with our customers’ preference for either card or fingerprint access control reader. This greatly reduces installation time & expense
  • TS2100 series and associated access control readers are all factory-tested prior to shipping



Power requirements AC110V/220V,50/60Hz
Power Consumption Starting: 73W; Standby: 20W; Unlock: 63W
Working Temperature -28 C -60 C
Working Humidity 5%-80%
Working Environment Indoor/Outdoor (if sheltered)
Lane width(mm) 500
Footprint (mm*mm) 11110*680
Dimension L=110,W=180,H=980
Barrier Movement Rotating
Security Level Medium
MCBF 1 million
Options/Accessories Counter,Card Receiver Box,SU5316 Cabinet and Lid, Remote Control