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Smart  Thermometer

H1000 device is an embedded authentication device based on Andriod system,which supports the function of face temperature measurement. It can quickly and accurately test the temperature of human body, and alarm when the temperature is too high. Mainly used in office building,examination halls, railways, banks, building industries, hotels and other places where need identific


Smart Infrared Thermometer

H1200 is a stylish contactless infrared thermometer.

  • Contactlessmeasurement
  • High accuracy MFMS Infrared
  • Dual color backlight
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Over temperature setting and notification
  • Built In buzzer
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius mode
  • Automatic idle shut off

iData 25T

2-IN-1 Smart  Thermometer
  • Non-contact industrial temperature measurement, multiple temperature measurement modes
  • Real-time reading of city code / health code / smart ID card / access card
  • Wi-Fi data transmission + camera / video recording, strengthen personnel information collection capabilities
  • Local/cloud storage & background system & big data platform
  • Long battery life+ long temperature measurement life
  • Enterprise-class configuration