Customer Display
  • The customer display is Vacuum Fluorescent Displays which display 20 columns and 2 lines, each columns is 5×7 dots.
  • Blue-green fluorescent color is easy on the eyes.
  • The display panel is movable so that it can be adjusted for the best viewing angle.
  • The customer display have different height by adjusting the support.
  • The interface of customer display is RS-232, with baud rates select from 9600 or 19200 bps.
  • The customer display have provided the pass through function to reduce the cable connection.
  • The user defined and international character sets are the standard of customer display.
  • Supports 10 command modes, with EPSON command mode set as default
  • Supports power from 5V to 12V, it prevents any mindless use of improper power input to cause malfunction
  • Easy configure & various settings through its free powerful set up software i.e. Welcome message and plenty of code pages setting and others setting.
  • Control boards design in top panel to prevent water or wet counter surface may damage from the bottom.
  • 2nd Choice round-shape mini base for space-saving, stable and ingenious
  • Panel is structured to easy-detachable and available for wall mounting install and OEM


Tube Display

Display Pattern 5 x 7 Dot Matrix
Brightness 350 ~ 700 cd/m2
Character Type 95 Alphanumeric & 32 International Characters
Character Size 5.25 mm (W) x 9.03 mm (H)
Character Number 40 (20 columns x 2 lines)


Central Control Unit CPU : SM5964
Speed CPU : 33 MHz
Connector 16 PIN Phone Jack Connector
9 PIN D-SUB Connector
25 PIN (Female) D-SUB Connector
Power Source DC + 5V~12V
Power Consumption 3 Watts Average (Maximum 15 Watts)

Overall Dimensions

Dimension of Panel 220(L)* 87(W)* 50(H) mm
Dimension of Support
One Support
Two Support
One Support: 217* 106* 248 mm
Two Support: 217* 106* 378 mm
Dimension of Base 217(L)* 106(W)* 33(H) mm
Viewing Angle 0°~60°
Horizontal Rotation 180°
Weight 980g


+10 to +40 ℃ ℃
Storage Temperature -10 to +50 ℃ ℃
Relative Humidity 0% to 90% RH

Driver Interface

Interface RS232