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iData 25T

2-IN-1 Smart  Thermometer
  • Non-contact industrial temperature measurement, multiple temperature measurement modes
  • Real-time reading of city code / health code / smart ID card / access card
  • Wi-Fi data transmission + camera / video recording, strengthen personnel information collection capabilities
  • Local/cloud storage & background system & big data platform
  • Long battery life+ long temperature measurement life
  • Enterprise-class configuration

iData 70

Mobile Computer
  • Working more efficiently through extremely speedy data collection
    – The latest industry-level scanning engine ensures high sensitivity and accuracy.
    – Streamlined systematic data collection process results in an increased scanning speed.
    – Scanning and verification can be done in one step thanks to the new design of ergonomic scanning angle.
    – Data collection with NFC, GPS positioning, high-definition camera or by other means is supported, so as to enable professional, precise and efficient collection of business data.
  • Data transmission becoming more efficient and timely
    – Seamless network selection and connection according to needs with 4G wireless communication supported by all network operators helps to realize more efficient business data connection and communication.
    – The 5th generation Wi-Fi technology (802.11ac) is used to increase the transmission speed by 300%, enable free switch and transmission between two channel frequencies, and make the signal stronger and more stable.
    – Bluetooth 4.0 transmission technology features low power consumption and fast connection, perfectly matched with mainstream portable printers.
  • Long-life battery supporting full-day operations.
    – 5000mAh li-polymer safe battery is used to support full-loaded operations of up to 24 hours.
    – The use of low-energy-consuming chipset and optimized system result in more efficient and less energy-consuming operations.
    – Fast recharging technology is adopted to shorten the recharging time by 40% and further extend the battery life.

iData K1S

iData K1S Mobile Computer
  • Ergonomic design, comfortable grip
  • High performance of data collection, extremely comprehensive; Smooth system operating experience and customization
  • Wi-Fi stable transmission, signal coverage all environments
  • Long batter life, fast charging
  • Portable, durable